Why have ACN?

One system many people use to study the Bible is called “COMA”. It stands for
The first three help us figure out what a Bible passage is all about, and the last one is where we consider what difference to our lives it should make.

It’s this application that ACN focuses on. The verses are the same as those you read in church or at home. Christianity is the same. God is always the same and so are His commands. But the scenarios where we will live it all out obviously vary and each one needs thinking through in its own right. At ACN we look at what it all means for our time at work in the airline industry; a unique industry with its own characteristics and culture.


ACN is about putting what we believe into practice.

ACN exists to provide resources that equip you to apply the Bible to your airline work, and connect you with other people who are doing the same.

This will be for the benefit of our colleagues, customers, and companies.


Through a combination of face to face events and online platforms.

Given that many people travel for their jobs and/or do shift work, we have to be a bit creative as to how we connect and realistic about the pressures of modern life.

We have semi-regular events around Australia. In between these we stay connected through our private Facebook community and Zoom meetings.

Being connected with other like-minded people who understand the industry is a special thing. Much of the benefit of ACN comes from the conversations we share.


ACN is made up of airline employees from across the board, including terminal, ground and office staff, engineers, cabin crew and pilots. ACN is not exclusive to any one company or denomination.

We are also proud to work alongside FCAP, the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel, which is a similar ministry across the globe.