From the Front Line

An Aussie airline pilot, massively affected by COVID-19 shared with us a very encouraging testimony…

“I had my contract terminated from (**a big Asian airline**) in February. I had to self-isolate for two weeks upon return which was hard as I’d already been away about 35 days. I got a part-time gig flying a King Air, but just lost that job too today. Losing two jobs in two months is surreal!

The self-isolation period was good for me; I spent solid time in the Word and prayer. I really needed to define exactly where my heart was. Jeremiah 29:13 was a key verse “You will seek me and find when you seek me with all your heart.” Key word ALL. I rarely seek the Lord with ALL my heart, usually up to 70% I estimate. When I had 14 days to really seek Him, He answered. He is a good, good God. Real friends came through with words of encouragement and prayers for us which are now bearing fruit. 

I really feel we have a God-given opportunity to shine here. Practical, realistic fatih in action. I also listened to Brother Yun’s second book while I was in isolation. if you haven’t read/heard it, just read the book of James and take it deadly serious! Challenging to limits I haven’t yet gone near!

I share your excitement about the Gospel opportunities, amazing what God will do to show people how much he loves them. I’m in Tokyo at the moment, just had a FaceTime call with my wife, sort of a War Cabinet meeting planning what we do, specifically for the next month or so. Our kids (18, 14, 11) are a bit nervous about the whole situation, what with Dad losing his second job in two months, now overseas getting another, kids from school being pulled out over Covid-19 precautions etc etc.

Can I encourage all Christians at this time to seek the Lord with all our hearts, pray for each other, pray for our government, be the hands and feet of our Lord. The tough times are yet to come. Pray for airline leaders to lead well and with compassion and fairness. 

People need guidance in how to manage crises. As you said in your video, we as pilots are trained to identify what the biggest crocodile near the boat is; the general population not so much, if at all. Christians need to be leading with what is important. 

Firstly, listen to the health warnings; self isolate, wash hands, good hygiene. Social distancing. 

Secondly, reduce spending as wages are not secure; conversely when you spend, spend local so your community is supported. Don’t hoard.

Thirdly give to the needy. Lean on the Lord to supply our need and give from our abundance into the lack of others. Try and out give God! See Him open the storehouses of Heaven for His Glory. 

Fourthly, how do we refinance and keep from defaulting on mortgages and loans? We need to pray for compassion and grace in the Finance sector otherwise the whole economy will collapse. 

Fifthly and most importantly, we need to be prayerful in all things. Very practical, targeted prayers, not generalisations. Pray specifically for God’s intervention in situations. Pray that HE is glorified through this and people know that there is a God in Heaven. “